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We’re in the mood for a blog! After a lengthy European Summer excursion showered by a natural hair drier of hot air and sun and near about 3000 road miles later!!…we’re now practicing towards our next gig – the news is: great night coming up this wednesday, Raf and O supporting Prescott ((Stump bassist Kev Hopper, Scritti Politti keyboardist Rhodri Marsden and Snorkel drummer Frank Byng) and Stars in Battledress (well known to fans of Cardiacs/Sea nymphs).

In fact, we’ve been meaning to blog since our last two gigs. Surrounded by the eccentricity of Servant Jazz Quarters, performing alongside the excellent Woven Entity (thanks to Lascelle for getting us down), we then made our way to the green valley of Wales, hosted by The Crooked House for the day. Slipping into a flowery dress (Raf) for the midnight performance at Sheep Festival, playing alongside the not so distant sounds of beats coming from the dance tent beside, added to the vibe up on the sultry stage of the Blackbird Lounge….

photo by Tia

….driving back, confronted by a bank of Sheep (of course) taking their time clearing the road.

Looking for a long forgotten sun, Raf and O then headed south for the coast of France and the hills and valleys of Italy, sharing lots of conversation and wine with great people from past and present, present and future, in our hearts, many maps later, heading back via Switzerland, Austria, climbing the church tower and playing a fabulous church organ in Germany (thanks Katharina), the long straight motorways of Belgium, Calais to Dover, back on to left hand driving and to the south east of London, ready for playing……

Sheep Music Festival & Servant Jazz Quarters

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Hi everyone, we’re In July but nobody would know!! Though a while back now, it was a pleasure sharing the stage with Gertrude and She Makes War – and money was raised all for a good cause (more photos added on FB)

Two more live events coming up this month – we’re looking forward to play JITTFITP and sharing the stage with the excellent Woven Entity (Patrick Dawes, Lascelle Lascelles, Paul May, Ben Cowen from Snorkel) on the 19th at Servant Jazz Quarters.


Raf and O have also been invited  at this year’s Sheep Music Festival in Wales, yes, running 20th to 22nd July. We’re playing the Blackbird Lounge, the ‘sweet and sultry’ stage  just as Saturday fades into the night of Sunday Morning.
For more info (updated over the week-end) and tickets go to
Sheep Music’s website.

If you’re in wet and rainy London or wet and rainy (hope not) Wales and fancy some live music and vibes, you know what to do!


from Raf and O x

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